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Intel Core i5 4670K 

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Intel Core i5 4670K

CPUBoss Winner
Front view of Intel Core i5 4670K

Differences What are the advantages of each

Front view of Intel Core i5 4670K

Reasons to consider the
Intel Core i5 4670K

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Has a built-in GPU Yes vs No Somewhat common; A separate graphics adapter is not required
Newer manufacturing process 22 nms vs 32 nms A newer manufacturing process allows for a more powerful, yet cooler running processor
Much lower typical power consumption 68.25W vs 159.66W 2.3x lower typical power consumption
Significantly better PassMark (Single core) score 2,099 vs 1,525 Around 40% better PassMark (Single core) score
Significantly more l3 cache per core 1.5 MB/core vs 1 MB/core 50% more l3 cache per core
Significantly better cinebench r10 32Bit 1-core score 7,335 vs 4,338 Around 70% better cinebench r10 32Bit 1-core score
Better performance per watt 12.26 pt/W vs 4.97 pt/W Around 2.5x better performance per watt
Much lower annual home energy cost 20.24 $/year vs 56.1 $/year 2.8x lower annual home energy cost
Much lower annual commercial energy cost 73.58 $/year vs 159.62 $/year 2.2x lower annual commercial energy cost
Slightly better cinebench r10 32Bit score 25,519 vs 22,674 Around 15% better cinebench r10 32Bit score
Newer Apr, 2013 vs Oct, 2012 Release date 5 months later
Front view of AMD FX 8350

Reasons to consider the
AMD FX 8350

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Much more l2 cache 8 MB vs 1 MB 8x more l2 cache; more data can be stored in the l2 cache for quick access later
Higher clock speed 4 GHz vs 3.4 GHz Around 20% higher clock speed
Higher turbo clock speed 4.2 GHz vs 3.8 GHz More than 10% higher turbo clock speed
More cores 8 vs 4 Twice as many cores; run more applications at once
More l3 cache 8 MB vs 6 MB Around 35% more l3 cache; more data can be stored in the l3 cache for quick access later
More threads 8 vs 4 Twice as many threads
Much more l2 cache per core 1 MB/core vs 0.25 MB/core 4x more l2 cache per core
Much better PassMark (Overclocked) score 10,147 vs 5,198.5 More than 95% better PassMark (Overclocked) score
Better PassMark score 9,134 vs 7,411 Around 25% better PassMark score
Better overclocked clock speed (Water) 5.37 GHz vs 4.54 GHz Around 20% better overclocked clock speed (Water)

Benchmarks Real world tests of Core i5 4670K vs FX 8350

GeekBench (32-bit)

Core i5 4670K
FX 8350

3D Mark 11 (Physics)

FX 8350
Core i5 4670K FX 8350 @ community.futuremark.com

Cinebench R10 32-Bit

Core i5 4670K
FX 8350
Core i5 4670K FX 8350 @ anandtech.com

Cinebench R10 32-Bit (Single Core)

FX 8350
Core i5 4670K FX 8350 @ anandtech.com


FX 8350
Core i5 4670K FX 8350 @ cpubenchmark.net

Passmark (Single Core)

FX 8350

Reviews Word on the street

Core i5 4670K  vs FX 8350 

But the 4670K has the same 3.4GHz baseclock and 3.8GHz Turbo as the old 3570K, with the same quad-core layout, and 6MB of Intel Smart Cache.
Core i5 4670K

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Core i5 4670K  vs
FX 8350 
Clock speed 3.4 GHz 4 GHz
Turbo clock speed 3.8 GHz 4.2 GHz
Cores Quad core Octa core
Is unlocked Yes Yes
Is hyperthreaded No No


Has a NX bit Yes Yes
Has virtualization support Yes Yes
Supplemental SSE3
AVX 2.0
Supports dynamic frequency scaling Yes Yes


Label Intel® HD Graphics 4600 N/A
Number of displays supported 3 N/A
GPU clock speed 350 MHz N/A
Turbo clock speed 1,200 MHz N/A

memory controller

Memory controller Built-in Built-in
Memory type
Channels Dual Channel Dual Channel
Maximum bandwidth 25,600 MB/s 29,866.66 MB/s


Core i5 4670K  vs
FX 8350 
Architecture x86-64 x86-64
Threads 4 8
L2 cache 1 MB 8 MB
L2 cache per core 0.25 MB/core 1 MB/core
L3 cache 6 MB 8 MB
L3 cache per core 1.5 MB/core 1 MB/core
Manufacture process 22 nms 32 nms
Max CPUs 1 1


Overclock popularity 57 709
Overclocked clock speed 4.51 GHz 4.7 GHz
Overclocked clock speed (Water) 4.54 GHz 5.37 GHz
PassMark (Overclocked) 5,198.5 10,147
Overclocked clock speed (Air) 4.51 GHz 4.7 GHz

power consumption

TDP 84W 125W
Annual home energy cost 20.24 $/year 56.1 $/year
Annual commercial energy cost 73.58 $/year 159.62 $/year
Performance per watt 12.26 pt/W 4.97 pt/W
Typical power consumption 68.25W 159.66W
Intel Core i5 4670K
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AMD FX 8350
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I know these are old comments so I apologize for taking so long getting back to them, and i certainly appreciate your reply which is both strong and assertive without being defamatory and rude like another user on this thread (cough..cough yucatan). My point in asserting that AMD is a great bargain alternative stands. For system builder/gamers who cannot afford to leap into an Intel-based system, starting with an AMD board and one of AMD's lower cost processors is always a wise move. Moving up to better hardware gradually is done more often than beginning with an exclusively top-tier build. For the most part, Intel's typically superior single-core performance isn't always worth the price premium when assembling a medium-duty gaming rig. Admittedly, with current pricing in the CPU market, I've been steering people towards Intel's i3-4370 instead of AMD's Kaveri (they've blundered rather badly in the pricing of those chips) or even FX. That being said, even in top tier builds, in my experience building well over 30 rigs, people with the money for top tier equipment generally have the money to keep up and are obsessed with always having the best. In my line of work, we refer to them as 'customers with more dollars than sense' but admittedly their repeat business is always appreciated. I get where you're coming from and am not refuting your point though. When it comes down to spending my own money I never chase yearly upgrades, clearly neither do you, but that doesn't affect the reality that people do it.
A lot of people change out parts very frequently so your assertions both related to technology and your ignorant opinion of me are both invalid. As for AMD parts, I use an AMD 970 mobo and FX-8350, both of which have lasted me a considerable amount of time. I never spoke down about AMD products and never will. I only assert tech facts and applicable numbers. 7 month old comment or not, I've only just seen it and flagged it for your unnecessary personal attack. Learn to read and comprehend before you speak again.
O.M.G look at the date. That time everybody thought that GTX900 line would be named GTX800. Nobody knew Nvidia would skip GTX8xx for desktop.
Did you bother to check the date this comment was made? nahh you just barge in and write your bull. The time i wrote this Nvidia had not announced yet that they are skipping the GTX800 name line and going straight to GTX900. I obviously meant GTX900 Maxwell.
Well no , Battlefield 3 My Rommate beats me with his i5 and I beat him in battlefield 4 by about 5fps average he has a Superclocked gtx 970 and I have a stock 970 now I have gtx 970 SLI :), its not much but still.He plays Arma II , I dont but its a ok game , and I beat him with 20fps+ wich is amazing , It doesnt matter for me because I dont play arma but its nice to know what the cpu can do , if you unpark all 8 cores in battlefield 4 in your config file you will see a huge fps boost,I was so amazed , lol THere was a guy who wrote me that he plyas battlefield 4 ultra 1080p 60fps with a fx 8150 and a gtx 650ti boost, I thought it was a troll or just a show off noob , but I checked his video on his channel out , and boom, he has a link to a vid that shows you how to unpark them!From 70fps average Ultra 4k with gtx 970 sli , to 94 fps average 4k Ultra with no dips unlike with the parked cores, sometims times to mid 50s. but now , no it works perfect, I ran into a few texture loading issues sometimes tho.. Check it out on YT , works for AMD only , srry
800 maxwell , I dont know what gpu you have or in what world you live in but I have a fx 8350 and gtx 970 SLI MAXWELL, have a good one.
So you're running a laptop? then you have a dual core i5 and that is even lower clocked as a normal i3... and CPUboss is saying this http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Core-i5-4200U-vs-Intel-Core-i3-4130
Are you retarded? that thing is a quad core clocked at 3.8GHz. It would be strange if it wouldn't perform well. Also what part of "$50" you didn't catch? That thing starts at 100 euro in my place which is even higher than $100.
So true running a10-5800K(IGPU disabled) with R9 280, I see no hiccup and everything is so smooth as first hit of blunt. Boys do real tests and wait till you grow up...
I don't understand your argument at all. Your saying a AMD chip that gets 60fps+ in most games today is not for gaming? Confused. I picked up i5 4670k for now as I plan on upgrading to the i7 next month. But AMD starting to shine and I will not be hypocritical towards AMD.
There wont be any need for a more powerful cpu any time soon. Just because a game can utilize more than 4 cores doesn't mean there will be a great difference in fps. You ll gain 2 fps at your best? the gpu is what matters.
what a fucking bullshit rating AMD 8350 shits on overpriced Intel all day
bull shit,buying intel does make ur electricity bill go lower? are you gonna say intel is the one gonna save your electric bill? please bring ur sense before use ur little finger type those Bull Shit**
Attack mean improve,is good to amd but bad for attacker ^^
reality is cruel...what if your love one is murderer?u wont believe it,i believe? this occur to all,Include YOU!
But then again the AMD is around half the price so...
Unfortunelly not. Tech changes so fast, sooner, any quad core will be obsolete.
actually the AMD win because of the over clock ...
well guys the answer to that is if you want a killer gaming exp. get intel i7 4770 but if you also want a gaming pc with a budget get amd fx 8350 because amd is a really really good processor with a very cheap price. but iif money isnt your prob.. go to intel i7 4770 bro
Well said lawrence.... So long as I myself have a decent GPU I don't care if its amd or Intel. I am a amd fan boy but I do admit Intel is faster. But both CPU without a a decent GPU are crap at gaming.
That's not the argument...if games start using 8 cores, it doesn't mean that a quad-core won't be able to run it. On the other hand, i believe that the FX is better than the 4670K because of 3 simple facts: -The cost of the CPU. The FX is cheaper than the i5, yet it's somehow similar to an i7(4 cores - 8 threads) -The cost of the platform. A good OC mobo(Sabertooth 990FX/ M5A99FX EVO R2.0) for the FX is still cheaper than a Z87/Z97 OC board. -The performance overall. The FX is able to keep a good 60+FPS framerate, while recording or streaming(in multicore games). It's kinda hard to stream BF4 for example with an i5. It will stutter and lag because the game will be redirected to 2 cores, while the stream software will use the other two. In the end...both CPUs are good at what they do, but what I want to underline, is that you can't go wrong with any of them. Stop being fanboys and throwing knives at AMD, and vice-versa. I just got an FX 8350 for the sake of testing, and I have failed yet to see a game that is unplayable at 1080p with an R9 280x
Yes this is bullshit i own 4670k but i feel 8350 is better at Heavier stuff
I wouldn't personally put an 8350 on a 970 motherboard except for the Gigabyta GA-970-UD3P. It's the only one with 8+2 power phase design AFAIK, so it can actually support an 8350 well and even OC it decently. Most of the 970 boards can potentially throttle the FX-8350 on heavy load even at stock because the 8350 has an "actual" TDP of about 140W if you force the clock speed to remain at 4GHz
It is true that Intel's single core power is much better but think about the future and games that will be released, games have become more cpu demanding if you want to play it on ultra is what we want in most cases. maybe in 1 or 2 years games will need 6 or 8 cores and it might be expensive to get intel cpu's. People might not want to spend money on a new cpu to save money on a new graphics card or ram. So youve got to think about the future because games have evolved alot in the past years. Gta 4 come out in 2007 and it was the best visuals when it came out and was more demanding for pc uses. So its not just about now but about what will be released in future. And i don't favour AMD because iv'e been an intel fan for my whole life but it does work out much cheaper in your favour
Enough. AMD peasant. What did i say exactly? i called him a clueless moron for what he is. AMD fucktards can bugger off and shove these 8 cores up their fat hairy ass. New gen gpus will make the cpus even more obsolete than they currently are regarding gaming because of the integrated cpus they will feature in their design. Therefore claiming that you will get better gaming performance because you have more cores in your main cpu is invalid.
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