Intel Atom Z3460 

Released January, 2014
  • 1.6 GHz
  • Dual core

Brian already went through and did a great job explaining what the 7260 is and what it's capable of in his article from last year.
by Anand-Lal-Shimpi (Feb, 2014)
On paper the 7260 is a competitor to Qualcomm's forthcoming 9x35 modem, however it's built on TSMC's 28nm process compared to the 20nm node that Qualcomm is using for 9x35.
by Anand-Lal-Shimpi (Feb, 2014)

Benchmarks Real world tests of the Intel Atom Z3460

GeekBench 3 (Multi-core) Data courtesy Primate Labs

Atom Z3460
Atom Z2560
Atom Z2760

GeekBench 3 (Single core) Data courtesy Primate Labs

Atom Z3460

GeekBench 3 (AES single core) Data courtesy Primate Labs

Atom Z3460
240,500 MB/s
Atom Z2560
27,800 MB/s
Atom Z2760
28,500 MB/s

In The News From around the web

Intel continues to follow the industry's terrible lead and quotes max turbo frequencies rather than base clocks in its marketing materials.
Intel Merrifield & Moorefield Specs Intel Atom Z3460 Intel Atom Z3480 Intel Atom Z3560 Intel Atom Z3580 Codename Merrifield Merrifield Moorefield Moorefield CPU Cores/Threads 2/2 2/2 4/4 4/4 CPU Max Turbo Clock 1.60GHz 2.13GHz 1.80GHz 2.33GHz GPU PowerVR G6400 PowerVR G6400 PowerVR G6430 PowerVR G6430 Max GPU Clock 533MHz 533MHz 533MHz 533MHz Intel continues to embrace the hipocrisy of all mobile SoC vendors and advertises max CPU clocks rather than a true base clock.

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Clock speed 1.6 GHz
Cores Dual core


Has a NX bit Yes
Has virtualization support Yes
Instruction set extensions
  1. MMX
  2. AES
  3. SSE
  4. SSE2
  5. SSE4.1
  6. SSE3
  7. Supplemental SSE3
  8. SSE4.2
  9. SSE4
Supports dynamic frequency scaling Yes

power consumption

memory controller

Memory controller Built-in
Memory type
  1. DDR3-1066
  2. DDR3
Channels Dual Channel
Maximum bandwidth 17,066.66 MB/s
Maximum memory size 4,096 MB


Threads 2 threads
L2 cache 1 MB
L2 cache per core 0.5 MB/core
L3 cache 1 MB
L3 cache per core 0.5 MB/core
Manufacture process 22 nm
Max CPUs 1
Architecture x86-64


Overclocked clock speed 1.6 GHz
Overclocked clock speed (Water) 1.6 GHz
Overclocked clock speed (Air) 1.6 GHz

integrated graphics

Label Integrated
Number of displays supported 2
GPU clock speed 400 MHz


Architecture FSB
Report a correction


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