Apple A7 

Released September, 2013
  • 1.3 GHz
  • Dual core

Benchmarks Real world tests of the Apple A7

GeekBench 3 (Multi-core) Data courtesy Primate Labs

Apple A7
Atom Z2760

GeekBench 3 (Single core) Data courtesy Primate Labs

Apple A7

GeekBench 3 (AES single core) Data courtesy Primate Labs

Apple A7
845,850 MB/s
Core i7 2635QM
1,890,000 MB/s
Atom Z2760
28,500 MB/s

SunSpider 0.9.1

Apple A7
416 ms
Atom Z2760

BrowserMark 2.0

Apple A7
Atom Z2760


Apple A7
Atom Z2760

GLBenchmark 2.5 Egypt Classic (Offscreen)

Apple A7
56 fps
Atom Z2760

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Clock speed 1.3 GHz
Cores Dual core
Is unlocked No


Overclocked clock speed 1.4 GHz
Overclocked clock speed (Water) 1.3 GHz
Overclocked clock speed (Air) 1.4 GHz

power consumption

memory controller

Memory controller Built-in
Memory type DDR3L-1333
Channels Single Channel
Maximum bandwidth 6,400 MB/s


Threads 2 threads
L2 cache 1 MB
L2 cache per core 0.5 MB/core
L3 cache 4 MB
L3 cache per core 2 MB/core
Manufacture process 28 nm
Architecture ARMv8 64 bits

integrated graphics

Label PowerVR G6430
GPU clock speed 600 MHz
Report a correction


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Ragequitting, I see.
You claimed the 600 beats the A7 in most tests and I have proven you wrong, you have no evidence, I showed evidence. You are wrong.
Ah branding me an applefag also, because of this. I do not use an iPhone as my everyday phone, so that argument is invalid. I stated no such evidence that supports your claim, that is just false. More ad hominem. I have provided proof it performs better in everyday use and you have provided none, you have still not pointed out specifically any place where I have been wrong and you make claims without evidence. You have no argument. You also say more apps will become optimised for quad-core, but wouldn't the same be true for 64bit apps, your argument is invalid.
Again, I don't upgrade phones whenever a new flagship comes out from XYZ company. The S800 will continue to surpass the A7 in more and more apps as the number of apps optimized for it continues to grow from it's widespread usage. My evidence was already stated by you and if you have a brain then you would interpret it for yourself. Which you obviously don't. And you obviously don't have eyes either. So take a look at the previous messages because if you come up with another stupid reply then I'm not even going to bother with you anymore. You have already lost the "argument" so don't keep reusing argument this and argument that or evidence this evidence that. People buy the 5S because they like the design, fingerprint scanner, iOS, etc. However in terms of CPU, people besides applefags like you still prefer the S800.
Ah, you have attempted to change your argument. The argument was not price, it was real-world performance. If you have already pointed out where I was wrong then quote me and show me proof that I am wrong. The Nexus 5 is better for the price, but that is not the argument. You realised you had lost the argument so attempted to change paths. You still have yet to provide any evidence to substantiate your claims. I would say your argument is invalid but you do not have an argument.
How's about I ALREADY POINTED OUT WHERE YOU WERE WRONG SO OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES. Useless arguing with a kid who doesn't know how to read and just flames at people because he's being insulted. Guess what? Be an ignorant smartass, get insulted. Such is society today. Too bad. I don't upgrade phones whenever a new flagship comes out from XYZ company. And even if I did, the S800 Nexus 5 costs half the outright price of a 5S outright. Your argument is invalid. When Apple can make a better phone for the price, then talk.
You insult me again and again with add hominem fallacies. All it does is invalidate your argument further. I can't really take your argument seriously when you were already very wrong about the S600. So you agree I'm right on the dual-core performance. Futureproofing? On a device which gets updated yearly that's pretty useless. Also, browsing facebook and the internet really isn't that CPU-intensive so it really isn't an accurate representation of CPU power. Actually there are many new apps which are being released which only use 2 cores, your argument is invalid. Can you provide any proof to your claims? I've used a Z2 and a 5S as daily drivers but if you're judging phones with powerful processors on how fast they open your facebook then there's a problem there. You say it will win in real-world usage but that is COMPLETELY false. You do realise the 5S has a much lower resolution screen meaning it has much less to process so it destroys the Nexus 5 in real-world performance. In overall power the S800 is a better processor but when it comes to real-world performance the A7 destroys it because of the facts mentioned. Please do not insult me next comment. CAN YOU POINT OUT ANYWHERE WHERE I AM WRONG?
Says the guy who is getting EXTREMELY defensive over a typo. 5S. Do I deny the S800 under performing in single and dual-core performance vs the A7? No. Because the A7 is a dual-core chip. You could be maxing out two cores and the A7 would be giving it all it's got whereas the S800 would only be using half it's strength. The thing with this? Futureproofing. A truck designed to pull two tons might pull a two ton load better then a truck designed to tow a 4 ton load, but what if you need to tow more then two tons? HOWEVER. Do I deny the S800 under performing the A7 in everyday tasks as far as Nexus 5 vs iPhone 5S? Absolutely. I've used both and the 5S still has regular-usage app (social networks, multimedia, web browser) performance between a Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4. The S800 Nexus 5, although it may be worse at apps that are explicitly designed for single core processors (most of which probably developed in the 2.x era, who would use these nowadays), it still FEELS much faster then the A7 5S. With you being an obvious spec whore I can see the issue, but you're putting this up against REAL WORLD usage. Have you even used both as daily drivers? That's where you're wrong. You have already lost the argument and are falling further behind as you keep bringing up single and dual core performance. For what? To see numbers on a benchmark? Who cares? What people look for in a phone and the CPU in that phone is, I want to click on this app and which one opens first is faster. For that, S800 Nexus 5 I'd easily take over the A7 5S because I have used both in the real world usage scenarios and can distinguish the difference. Don't point fingers kid. You're just restating the same pointless information over and over again and using it out of context. Your mama probably also told you it wasn't polite anyways. And before you do, don't even bother put Samsung in the equation. Touchwiz is absolute garbage in terms of performance.
You again invalidate your argument through continued use of ad hominem fallacies. "A7 iPhone 4S" No such phone exists so your argument is invalid. "much better single and dual core performance compared to other ARM chip manufacturers" Not compared to the A7 though as the A7 destroys the S800 in single and dual core performance. DO YOU DENY THIS? "as pretty much every popular app is getting optimized for quad core." Then why are 85% still not optimised? You're lying about your friends A7 4S because that does not exist. More ad hominem fallacies, please refrain from these in your next comment. If this is a waste of time then why do you reply? Have I been wrong ANYWHERE? If so, show me where. Tell me an exact point where I was wrong and show me proof that I was. If you do not then you have lost this argument.
That video literally just proved that the Snapdragon is not only designed for good quad-core performance but also much better single and dual core performance compared to other ARM chip manufacturers. So you are proving my point. With quad core phones coming even though the 800 may have less power per core it will still surpass dual-cores as pretty much every popular app is getting optimized for quad core. Even when loading Facebook it uses all four cores on my S800 Nexus 5 to render the app super quickly compared to the A7 iPhone 5S my friend has. Just stop talking. You're making yourself look bad trying to be a smart Alec. Also, a 64 bit processor like the A7 will only perform to it's full potential in 64 bit apps. Which are mostly, if not all, just benchmark programs and programs that come preinstalled in iOS 7. What a waste of time.
That's an ad hominem fallacy and it invalidates that argument. I provided proof, do you deny my proof that the A7 is better than the 600? If so, provide me with proof of your claim. No, the 800 does not come close when only using 2 cores as the power of the cores individually is about 2/3 the power of the A7's cores meaning the 800 using 2 cores does not beat the A7 using 2 cores. Proof that 85% of apps only use 2 cores: You know the ironic thing about this information is that it is snapdragon saying it themselves, proving you wrong. If you deny this proof then please provide your own. "you re-enforced my comment by stating that the 800 is close to the A7 even though it's only using half it's potential" Actually I never said that, you might want check again. You have still provided no evidence to substantiate your refutation and resort to ad hominem fallacies instead.
Maybe because I'm not an idiot and I looked at your profile to see comments along the lines of "HAHAHAHA LOL LOSER" and I am not going to argue back and forth using useful information with somebody who doesn't understand anything regarding it. Don't act cocky and think you know everything (which I know and YOU know that you are doing). I already said you were wrong in my first comment then you re-enforced my comment by stating that the 800 is close to the A7 even though it's only using half it's potential, which will easily by be addressed in a short time due to the wide use of the S800 in phones compared to other chips. Modern Combat 5 is already optimized for the 8-core phone chips, so don't use cores in your argument. Just stop talking. You're not a smartass.
I provided proof that you were wrong and you reply by calling me a troll? I proved you wrong and you provided no argument in return. You lose.
We know how you're just on this site to troll people and give misleading information. I've seen what you post. Post useful things or get out of here kid.
@disqus_wTZd4rWLnV:disqus Actually the A7 beats the 600 in all tests so that argument is invalid, proof: You also mentioned the 800 and I'm glad you brought up real-world performance because 85% of apps cannot use more than 2 cores meaning that in real-world performance the 800 is only using half it's potential meaning the A7 wins in real-world performance.
It beats the last-generation Snapdragon S4. It only passes the Snapdragon 600 in a few tests, the 600 still wins in most of them. Now put the A7 (iPhone 5S) against it's ACTUAL competition chip in phones of it's price, the Snapdragon 800 (Nexus 5, Xperia Z1, LG G2, etc.) and the Snapdragon 800 will whoop the A7 in real-world usage. 64 bit is useless in phones right now.
The A7 destroys the snapdragon in all benchmarks but triangle geometry. Your argument is invalid.
Because that A7 is so bad that it should get a max of 6.0 score, out of 10...
everything here is totally wrong
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