AMD R R-260H 

Released May, 2012
  • 2.1 GHz
  • Dual core

How did the Radeon 255 managed to fit in the R9 brand when its performance would be far more lower than that of the R7 260?
by hassan-mujtaba (Dec, 2013)
The GPU features 896 Stream processors, 56 TMUs and 16 ROPs while the core clock is maintained at 1.1 GHz and 6.50 GHz effective clock for the memory.
by hassan-mujtaba (Dec, 2013)

Benchmarks Real world tests of the AMD R R-260H

PassMark Data courtesy Passmark

R R-260H
Core i7 3820
Core i3 2120

PassMark (Single Core)

R R-260H
Core i7 3820
Core i3 2120

In The News From around the web

The two cards which AMD plans to release are nowhere in line with the top dogs of the R9 series and the R9 260′s specifications completely match those of R7 260X hence causing some confusion among the buyers.
It looks like AMD is going to launch two new products in their Radeon lineup which include the Radeon R9 260 and Radeon R9 255 aimed towards the sub-$150 market.
Dual graphics with the Radeon R7 series will help leverage the GPU performance of these processors bringing great performance to cheaper PC setups.
Clocks are maintained at 1.0 GHz for the core while the memory operates at 6.0 GHz effective clock speed aside a 128-bit memory interface.

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Clock speed 2.1 GHz
Turbo clock speed 2.6 GHz
Cores Dual core


Has a NX bit Yes
Has virtualization support Yes
Instruction set extensions
  1. AES
  2. AMD-V
  3. AMD64
  4. AVX
  5. BMI1
  6. F16C
  7. FMA3
  8. FMA4
  9. MMX
  10. SSE
  11. SSE2
  12. SSE3
  13. SSE4.1
  14. SSE4.2
  15. SSE4a
  16. Supplemental SSE3
  17. TBM
  18. XOP
Supports dynamic frequency scaling Yes

power consumption

Performance per watt 4.7 pt/W
Typical power consumption 13.81W

memory controller

Memory controller Built-in
Memory type DDR3-1333
Channels Dual Channel
Maximum bandwidth 21,333.32 MB/s


Threads 2 threads
L2 cache 2 MB
L2 cache per core 1 MB/core
Manufacture process 32 nm
Transistor count 1,303,000,000
Max CPUs 1
Die size 246 mm²
Clock multiplier 10
Voltage range 0.78 - 1.15V
Operating temperature Unknown - 100°C


Overclocked clock speed 2.1 GHz
Overclocked clock speed (Water) 2.1 GHz
Overclocked clock speed (Air) 2.1 GHz

integrated graphics

Label AMD Radeon HD 7500G
GPU clock speed 327 MHz
Turbo clock speed 424 MHz
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