AMD Athlon X2 6000+ 

Released February, 2007
  • 3 GHz
  • Dual core
2.8 Out of 10

Remember that when the FX-62 was launched it was just under a thousand dollars and now a faster part is released under $500 - now that is impressive!
by Legit Reviews (Feb, 2007)
Overall overclocking was a great success!
by Legit Reviews (Feb, 2007)

CPUBoss Review Our evaluation of the AMD Athlon X2 6000+ among desktop CPUs (over 75W)


Benchmark performance using all cores

Athlon X2 6000+
PCMark 8 Home 3.0 Accelerated, PassMark and 1 more

Single-core Performance

Individual core benchmark performance

Athlon X2 6000+
PassMark (Single Core), Geekbench 3 Single Core and 1 more

Integrated Graphics

Integrated GPU performance for graphics

Athlon X2 6000+
Fire Strike

Integrated Graphics (OpenCL)

Integrated GPU performance for parallel computing

Athlon X2 6000+
CompuBench 1.5 Bitcoin mining and 4 more

Performance per Watt

How efficiently does the processor use electricity?

Athlon X2 6000+
Fire Strike, CompuBench 1.5 Bitcoin mining and 11 more


Are you paying a premium for performance?

Athlon X2 6000+
Fire Strike, CompuBench 1.5 Bitcoin mining and 11 more


CPUBoss Score

Combination of all six facets

Athlon X2 6000+

Benchmarks Real world tests of the AMD Athlon X2 6000+

GeekBench 3 (Multi-core) Data courtesy Primate Labs

Athlon X2 6000+

GeekBench 3 (Single core) Data courtesy Primate Labs

Athlon X2 6000+

GeekBench 3 (AES single core) Data courtesy Primate Labs

Athlon X2 6000+
86.1 MB/s
Athlon X2 7750
101,750 MB/s
Athlon 64 X2 5000+
64.85 MB/s

GeekBench (32-bit) Data courtesy Primate Labs

Athlon X2 6000+

GeekBench (64-bit) Data courtesy Primate Labs

Athlon X2 6000+


Athlon X2 6000+

PassMark Data courtesy Passmark

Athlon X2 6000+

PassMark (Single Core)

Athlon X2 6000+

Reviews Word on the street for the AMD Athlon X2 6000+

With it now showing up as low as £115 online - a tenner more than the 400MHz slower 5200 - a public flogging is no longer in order.

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight

Socket Type

Page 1 - AMD Gets a Much Needed Speed Boost Page 2 - Pricing and Power Use Page 3 - The Test System Page 4 - Sisoft; Sandra 2007 Page 5 - POV-Ray 3.7 Beta 13a Page 6 - POV-Ray Real-Time Raytracing Page 7 - Super Pi XS 1.5 Page 8 - CineBench 9.5 Page 9 - ScienceMark 2.0 Page 10 - WinRar v3.61 Page 11 - Futuremark 3DMark06 Page 12 - Overclocking Page 13 - Power Consumption Page 14 - Final Thoughts and Conclusions.
by Legit Reviews (Feb, 2007)
As you can see in the results, the Core 2 Duo just blows everything else out of the water and core 2 quad falls short here, but that's because it runs at a lower clock frequency.
by Legit Reviews (Feb, 2007)
The 6000+ didn't do as good as the FX-62 for unknown reasons, but everything was tested at 3-4-3-9 2T timings at 800MHz with four 1GB memory modules (4GB total).
by Legit Reviews (Feb, 2007)


Included in the above chart are the performance results from a 1GB x 2 kit of Corsair PC2-6400C3 memory and also 1GB x 4 kit of PC2-6400C3.
by Legit Reviews (Feb, 2007)
The memory on the Intel and AMD test platforms with DDR2 memory was run with OCZ PC2-8800 Gold memory running 2GB at 4-4-4-12 2T timings at 800MHz.
by Legit Reviews (Feb, 2007)
This processor is clocked at 3.0GHz and other than the increased multiplier that allows the 200MHz speed bump, it has no other changes architecturally speaking.
by Legit Reviews (Feb, 2007)


They need to keep bringing their performance levels up to catch up to where Intel is.
by Legit Reviews (Feb, 2007)
In 2006, the desktop processor race once again became interesting as Intel successfully took away the performance crown from AMD.
by Legit Reviews (Feb, 2007)
Now that we know what AMD has released and the details behind the launch, we can move forth and look at performance numbers!
by Legit Reviews (Feb, 2007)


The performance gap between AMD and Intel on the dual-core battle grounds got a little smaller this week and that is great news for AMD.
by Legit Reviews (Feb, 2007)
The CPU test is impressive with the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 scoring 1549 points more than the Intel X6800 processor and 1828 points more than the fastest AMD desktop processor on the market today.
by Legit Reviews (Feb, 2007)
The first is minimal headroom compared to the Core 2s, this already being the Athlon 64 pushed almost as hard as it'll go.
by Tech Radar (Aug, 2007)


By enabling AMD's Cool’n’Quiet feature we were able to go from consuming the most to nearly the least amount of power!
by Legit Reviews (Feb, 2007)
AMD has recently made a good effort at lowering power consumption and heat in their computer processors and many have overlooked this.
by Legit Reviews (Feb, 2007)
While power consumption is going down on a number of processors the power consumption on the 6000+ is going to remain the same as the FX-62 at 125W.
by Legit Reviews (Feb, 2007)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Clock speed 3 GHz
Cores Dual core
Socket type AM2
Is unlocked No


Has a NX bit Yes
Has virtualization support Yes
Instruction set extensions
  1. MMX
  2. SSE
  3. SSE2
  4. 3DNow!
  5. SSE3
Supports dynamic frequency scaling Yes

integrated graphics

GPU None


Architecture x86-64
Threads 2 threads
L2 cache 2 MB
L2 cache per core 1 MB/core
L3 cache 0 MB
L3 cache per core 0 MB/core
Manufacture process 90 nm
Max CPUs 1
Voltage range 1.35 - 1.4V
Operating temperature Unknown - 55°C


Overclock popularity 26
Overclocked clock speed 3.33 GHz
Overclocked clock speed (Water) 3.53 GHz
PassMark (Overclocked) 1,612.2
Overclocked clock speed (Air) 3.33 GHz

power consumption

TDP 125W
Annual home energy cost 30.11 $/year
Annual commercial energy cost 109.5 $/year
Performance per watt 0.53 pt/W
Typical power consumption 101.56W
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