AMD A10 4600M 

Released May, 2012
  • 2.3 GHz
  • Quad core
3.4 Out of 10

The AMD A10 4600M is the first processor to incorporate the Piledriver technology and is also one of the most expected pieces of hardware of 2012. The chip itself sports four cores, each clocked at 2.3GHz, but are easily capable of going all the way up to 3.2GHz. The exciting thing about this chip is that AMD stirred the ultrabook marked with it, making it one of the thinnest and smallest chips on the market in 2012, while also managing to squeeze in all the necessary features such a piece of technology needs. The 4600M also manages to squeeze in an amazing GPU from the Radeon HD 7660G series. This small chip provides an astounding combination of low power consumption, performance and price.

CPUBoss Review Our evaluation of the AMD A10 4600M among laptop CPUs (over 15W)


Benchmark performance using all cores

A10 4600M
PCMark 8 Home 3.0 Accelerated, PassMark and 1 more

Single-core Performance

Individual core benchmark performance

A10 4600M
PassMark (Single Core), Geekbench 3 Single Core and 1 more

Integrated Graphics

Integrated GPU performance for graphics

A10 4600M
Sky Diver and Cloud Gate

Integrated Graphics (OpenCL)

Integrated GPU performance for parallel computing

A10 4600M
CompuBench 1.5 Bitcoin mining and 4 more

Performance per Watt

How efficiently does the processor use electricity?

A10 4600M
Sky Diver, Cloud Gate, CompuBench 1.5 Bitcoin mining and 11 more


Are you paying a premium for performance?

A10 4600M
Sky Diver, Cloud Gate, CompuBench 1.5 Bitcoin mining and 11 more


CPUBoss Score

Combination of all six facets

A10 4600M

Benchmarks Real world tests of the AMD A10 4600M

CompuBench 1.5 (Bitcoin mining) Data courtesy CompuBench

A10 4600M
54.12 mHash/s
Core i7 3630QM
6.17 mHash/s
Core i5 3210M
6.22 mHash/s

CompuBench 1.5 (T-Rex) Data courtesy CompuBench

A10 4600M
0.62 fps
Core i7 3630QM
1.31 fps
Core i5 3210M
0.97 fps

PCMark 8 Home 3.0 Accelerated Data courtesy FutureMark

A10 4600M

Sky Diver Data courtesy FutureMark

A10 4600M

Cloud Gate Data courtesy FutureMark

A10 4600M

GeekBench 3 (Multi-core) Data courtesy Primate Labs

A10 4600M

GeekBench 3 (Single core) Data courtesy Primate Labs

A10 4600M

GeekBench 3 (AES single core) Data courtesy Primate Labs

A10 4600M
1,670,000 MB/s
Core i7 3630QM
2,270,000 MB/s
Core i5 3210M
2,090,000 MB/s

Reviews Word on the street for the AMD A10 4600M

You might also like Best Ultrabook: 16 top thin and lights for 2012 The AMD A10-4600M is also the first Bulldozer-derived chip of any flavour to integrate graphics functionality.

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight

Socket Type

It's a 14-inch system with a TN panel and 1,366 x 768 pixel native resolution.
by Tech Radar (May, 2012)
So configured and running high detail settings and antialiasing disabled, you're looking at a very healtbhy and playable 46 frames per second at 720p.
by Tech Radar (May, 2012)
Our main worry with the new AMD A10-4600M was that its Bulldozer-derived CPU cores might actually make for a backwards step in performance compared to the fully quad-core Llano chip it replaces.
by Tech Radar (May, 2012)


Up the ante to ultra quality, 4x antialiasing and 1,366 x 768 pixels and you'll still get a near-playable 25 frames per second.
by Tech Radar (May, 2012)
This is where things get complicated, because the AMD A8-3500M, which claimed to have HD 6000 graphics but really had HD 5000 vintage hardware, has 400 graphics shaders, whereas the AMD A10-4600M has just 384 of those VLIW4 shaders.
by Tech Radar (May, 2012)
As for the AMD A10-4600M itself, it's nominally a 2.3GHz chip manufactured using the same 32nm production process as both Llano chips (like the AMD A8-3500M more powerful Bulldozer-class desktop processors including the AMD FX-8150).
by Tech Radar (May, 2012)

Type of CPU

And yet AMD can still get its new chip into thin, light and sexy laptops that are Ultrabooks in all but name.
by Tech Radar (May, 2012)
What's more, it might just make for a much more affordable and portable alternative to all those big money, heavy weight gaming laptops out there.
by Tech Radar (May, 2012)
Buyers looking for affordable laptops in the Ultrabook idiom but with a little extra graphics gumption would be well advised for the first retail systems with this impressive little chip to appear.
by Tech Radar (May, 2012)


It's a solid platform for mobile computing.
by Tech Radar (May, 2012)
If the future of computing is all about mobile devices, the future of computer chips is increasingly about squeezing in more features into ever less space.
by Tech Radar (May, 2012)
Increasingly, graphics performance is what matters most in mobile devices.
by Tech Radar (May, 2012)


It's easily the fastest integrated graphics core out there.
by Tech Radar (May, 2012)
No previous integrated graphics core comes close to this.
by Tech Radar (May, 2012)
Admittedly, it hasn't been brought right up to date with AMD latest Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture.
by Tech Radar (May, 2012)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Clock speed 2.3 GHz
Turbo clock speed 3.2 GHz
Cores Quad core
Is unlocked No


Has a NX bit Yes
Has virtualization support Yes
Instruction set extensions
  1. AES
  2. AMD-V
  3. AMD64
  4. AVX
  5. AVX 1.1
  6. CLMUL
  7. CVT16
  8. F16C
  9. FMA3
  10. FMA4
  11. MMX
  12. SSE
  13. SSE2
  14. SSE3
  15. SSE4.1
  16. SSE4.2
  17. SSE4a
  18. Supplemental SSE3
  19. XOP
Supports dynamic frequency scaling Yes

integrated graphics

Label Radeon™ HD 7660G
Latest DirectX 11.0
GPU clock speed 496 MHz
Turbo clock speed 685 MHz


Threads 4 threads
L2 cache 4 MB
L2 cache per core 1 MB/core
L3 cache 1 MB
L3 cache per core 0.25 MB/core
Manufacture process 32 nm
Transistor count 1,303,000,000
Max CPUs 1
Die size 246 mm²
Clock multiplier 23
Voltage range 0.81 - 1.3V
Operating temperature Unknown - 100°C


Overclocked clock speed 2.93 GHz
Overclocked clock speed (Water) 2.3 GHz
Overclocked clock speed (Air) 2.93 GHz

power consumption

Annual home energy cost 8.43 $/year
Performance per watt 11.44 pt/W
Typical power consumption 28.44W

memory controller

Memory controller Built-in
Memory type DDR3-1600
Channels Dual Channel
Maximum bandwidth 25,600 MB/s
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Showing 5 comments.
I have Gateway NV52L with same processor. it rocks.
Why are you so salty? The Envy M6 is a better than average computer for small gaming like garrys mod, it is not built for such a graphic heavy game such as Arma.
wtf kind of laptop did you get i have these same specs and can't run arma on med to high i can barley run it on low cause of faggots like you guys i bought this 700 dollar laptop holy shit was this a bad idea.
I agree with you
I have the AMD A10-4600M in my HP Envy M6 laptop. It is very nice and runs at around 1.60 GHz when using just the internet (like now) and around 3.00 GHz when gaming. All of the games that I play (Garry's Mod, Counter-Strike: Source, Arma 2) all work great with the AMD Radeon HD 7660G. They all run around high to medium graphics quality. Very pleased with the AMD A10-4600M processor. I'm glad I did my research when looking for laptops. This laptop was the best I could find at the time; and money well spent.
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