This Guy Wants To Build A Supercomputer Six Times As Powerful As China's Tianhe 2—With Mobile ARM CPUs

Alex Ramirez, a manager at Barcelona Supercomputing Center, has just started a project to build a supercomputer out of ARM processors. According to Wired:

ARM microprocessors don’t pack a big punch, but they burn very little power…So the marriage of ARM chips and high-performance computing may seem odd, but ARM’s low-power design just happens to address one of the most important qualities in tomorrow’s supercomputer: power efficiency.

He’s planning on this supercomputer being six times as powerful as the Chinese Tianhe-2, which, as the world’s most powerful supercomputer, can perform 33 petaflops per second. Ramirez will also be sourcing his materials almost entirely from Europe; one of the biggest obstacles holding him back right now is for ARM to roll out with 64-bit processor design.

(via Wired)

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