These Badass Workstations Will Actually Make You Want To Work

So none of this comes near designing rocket engines with gestures, but not all of us can be Elon Stark or Tony Musk or whatever. What these workstations will do, on the other hand, is increase your sense of self-importance while making even the most boring work you do look awesome and badass.

The Cross by Red Harbinger (above) takes desktop literally, installing the guts of the machine within the body of the desk and exposing it through glass in a way reminiscent of muscle cars at the strip with their hoods up. Red tubing shields wires and liquid coolant flows through four canisters to make it look more like an engine than a computer – the perfect atmosphere for any racing game or flamewar.

The Emperor workstation would fit comfortably into the cockpit of a space fighter, but give me $50K and I’d happily install it in my office and send you a snappy. Three 19-inch monitors sit suspended on the adjustable scorpion tail supplemented by 5.1 surround sound with the subwoofer situated under a leather seat that adjusts its temperature to heat or cool. Hot damn.

(Image by Steve_Price82)

Steve Price submitted his workstation to the Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool and they’ve already made all of the jokes about building bombs and taking over the government, so I’ll suggest maybe minesweeper would be an equally productive use of this equipment. Steve, of course, uses this setup for “intraday trading and development,” but come on – imagine the grid.

A few more monitors and this would be perfect.

This one is so zen there isn’t even a computer.

This is just a prototype for actually working on the wing of a fighter jet flying at mach 1.

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