AMD's New Kaveri System Positions APUs As The Natural Evolution Of PCs

AMD announced at APU13 that its Kaveri system will pack a full 512 GPU cores, while the Steamroller CPU will feature a pair of modules with two cores per module. Anandtech estimates the CPU core frequency to run at 3.7 Ghz and the GPU at 720Mhz and 862 GFLOPS.

In a showcase of the car AMD pitted the Kaveri against the Haswell-based Intel Core i7-4770K paired to a low-end GeForce GT 630 and ran through Battlefield 4′s single-player campaign. According to Hot Hardware,

The AMD Kaveri system (with no discrete GPU, using only on-die graphics) consistently pushed frame rates in the 28-40 FPS range. The Intel system, in contrast, couldn’t manage 15 FPS. Performance on that system was solidly in the 12-14 FPS range — meaning AMD is pulling 2x the frame rate, if not more.


The Kaveri is set to support both AMD’s Mantle API and TrueAudio technology which will only further boost its performance. With the Kaveri system, AMD is set to shake up the traditional approach to PC internals and further threaten Intel’s stranglehold on the industry.

(Hot Hardware via Slashdot)

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