10 Raspberry Pi Projects That Will Prove Your PC Master Race Lineage

The Raspberry Pi has been out for almost two years now so it’s time we looked at some of the cool projects out there:

1. Dedicated Bitcoin Mining

So, $35 for a Raspberry Pi to produce labor-free income? Sold!

2. Supercomputer

Now multiply the above by 64 raspis assembled with Lego into a supercomputer and…

3. Power it off the sun

Then take the supercomputer-bitcoin-mining raspi above and power it off the sun so you don’t even need to pay the electricity for it—genius!

4. Arcade Table

Street fighter, yo!

5. Coffee Maker

…That brews when I call a programmed number. Sweet lord above.

6. Automatic dog treat dispenser

So Baby Hermes can get his afternoon-picker-upper as well.

7. Kindle Computer

I knew that keyboard would come in handy some day!

8. Gameboy SP Computer

But this is so much better.

9. Dedicated Tor Proxy

“Browsing” anonymously was never so easy.

10. Back To The Future Clock

Which is literally a time machine, but not in the sense we would wish it to mean.

(story and images via Business Insider)

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