10 Liquid-Cooled Rigs That Will Put Your Desktop To Shame

Liquid-cooling a computer seems like overkill to some—until they install six GPUs and start overclocking the hell out of them. Because what better way to play GTA V the way it was supposed to be played?

I took a trip over to the overclock forums to see what they had and found a frigging goldmine; turns out there’s an entire water-cooling club. Kind of like a biker gang, but for computers.

Seeing these rigs makes me think back to the 90s when there were all those subcompacts driving around with neon tubing and spoilers with more flair than Richard Simmons. Some of these setups have more coolant than my car, though—and look a hell of a lot nicer. Click on the images to check out more pictures and specs.

Ice Cubed

This would fit right in with Mr. Freeze’s lab.

Losmiles Bluewater Asgard

…soon after bootup, the computer flew into a wall and exploded.

NZXT Phantom 410 Watercooling Build


That’s coolant, right? Not milk? Or something else I’m thinking of…?

Darth Maul’s Computer

No but actually.


Keeping with the badass fictional characters theme that seems to have emerged, doesn’t this remind you a little of this guy?

Goofy Flow

You know they started calling blood “plasma”? I hope that’s not because this is where all the extra donations are going to.


Because red, white and blue were getting so boring.

Quad Damage


Welp I think I know what this one is used for.




That’s dry ice in there. For a computer. DRY ICE.

(all photos via overclock.net)

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